We call our Orbana advocates Orbanistas…here’s what some have had to say about our fantastic product.

Tomby 35-44 road cyclist – “it really is good stuff. Nice clean energy and very light on the stomach. No nasty sweeteners in it (Aspartame), just good ingredients. Get some.

Orbanista from Sydney – “such a great product. Tastes great and is incredibly refreshing after hard excercise. Best if all it actually works! gives you a great boost and balances your body. I wont use any other energy drink

NewForestTri289, 35-44 triathlete – “Great product for pre, during, and after sport. Sets you up, keeps you going, and helps with recovery as well. Sure this product helps when competing but I found when used during regular training it also helps build capacity – helping you improve your performance all the time

DG – “I am a lifetime runner, completed 27 marathons including a couple Boston’s, Chicago’s & ultra’s in the mix. I’m always looking for something that will help me with those tedious long runs. A friend tuned me into Orbana & I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the results. It’s kept me hydrated, I’m able to maintain a nice pace, & I’ve found I have a little extra left in my tank at the end of my runs too. I never write reviews, but I think this is a good product. It’s good for the endurance of my sport, & it’s worth a shot

Racer_x – “This is a new product here in the States and I must say I’m amazed. Not just pleasantly surprised but actually amazed. I’m a professional cyclist and have tried nearly every hydration / nutrition product out there for cycling and bike racing. From rides ranging from 1hr – 5hr Orbana has left me feeling the freshest and most “bonk-free” I can remember. I find I can sustain a higher threshold, for longer and recover faster after an effort. Nice job Orbana – thanks for sharing the secret- I’m onboard!

@TABrinleyHTS – “a great way to start off a morning. My first impression is a big thumbs up. Not too sure that my other products could do that in a stand alone effort