02 Dec 2011

Tom Parsons – Olympic Prospect #1: High Jump

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Tom Parsons is currently ranked number 1 in Great Britain for High Jump. Having finished 8th in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Tom has firmly set his sights on improving his overall placing at London 2012 by pushing for a medal spot.  Currently, the signs are good, in 2011 he established a new overall personal best of 2.31 at Sheffield in the Aviva European Trials & UK Championships.

Tom is a huge fan of Orbana Healthy Energy drinks and has included it into his nutritional regime for both training and competition.

“Orbana Healthy Energy drinks are a welcome addition to my training programme as we approach Olympic year . In Beijing I felt my performance was slightly inhibited by illness and so this time around, I need to be confident that my body is healthy, hydrated and energised in the final months prior to the big event. Orbana’s unique blend of energy sources, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, minerals and electrolytes offers the ultimate balance for performance and recovery. In my event every centimetre counts and every training session counts. The way that the body is fuelled for every session is therefore fundamental to increasing overall performance “

We are sure that with the combination of hard work, determination, Orbana Healthy Energy and his lucky Aston Villa socks!  2012 is going to be extremely exciting for Tom as he builds up for the biggest sporting event the UK has witnessed. We are delighted to introduce Tom as the first member of Team Orbana and look forward to be working alongside Tom in the lead up to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Major Career Highlights:

2011 – European Indoor Championships 9th

2010 – Commonwealth Games 5th

2010 – European Championships NM

2008 – Olympic Games 8th

2007 – World Championships 10th

2006 – Commonwealth Games 11th

Video Highlights: