11 Jul 2013

Cawes Cycling Team: Elite Squad Testimonials

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The Cawes Cycling Team based in Philadelphia, have been using Orbana on their long rides, read on about the fantastic things that they have to say about using Orbana.

“I am pretty picky about what I drink on the bike!  There are several particular factors for me when I choose what goes in my bottles: taste, quench-factor, energy-factor.  Orbana scores a 10 on each of these!  The awesome tang of the pineapple and citrus flavor is perfect and the thirst quench and energy boost I feel when using Orbana for longer rides and races is outstanding.  It’s a great product on all counts!”     Sarah Iepson – Capitol Area Women’s Elite Squad

“I started using Orbana in September 2010.  I am selective about what I drink while on the bike as I am prone to cramping and find it hard to drink sports drinks that are too sweet. Orbana really fit the bill–  not only does the product taste great, but it has helped me to avoid muscle cramping on my longer and more intense rides”

Becky Chan – Capitol Area Women’s Elite Squad

“Orbana is like no other energy drink on the market. It provides me with sustained energy throughout my training rides & races alike, and because it contains amino acids it doubles as recovery drink. There’s no sugar rush with a crash like other energy products. Hands down it’s a winner!”

Alaina Gurski – Capitol Area Women’s Elite Squad