The Orbana Story

The Story behind Orbana Healthy Energy Drink

Orbana Healthy Energy was born in 2005 when a group of us with backgrounds in sport, health and nutrition realised that we shared a common frustration that there were no good tasting healthy energy drinks on the market. Every sport or energy drink was loaded with caffeine, sweeteners, artificial colours and preservatives and tasted synthetic. This inspired us to challenge ourselves to develop a healthy energy drink not only for us, but also for all the other athletes who were looking to give themselves an edge in a healthy way.

We began working with a top British sports nutritionist who had a long list of world-class athletes and Olympians as clients. His theories were quite simple and effective: formulate drinks containing generous amounts of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that can be easily digested into the blood stream and vital organs to assist in the production of energy in the body and that also promote strong immune systems. This in turn would promote peak physical performance. Through his extensive research, he also identified carbohydrates that avoided ‘sugar’ spikes and released blood sugar energy at a consistent and extended rate.

After initially tasting it we weren’t surprised to find it didn’t taste great…we knew that branched chain aminos typically have a very bitter taste. However after 18 months of taste testing the product on real people we finally found a blend of natural flavourings that actually made the product taste good and refreshing – we’d finally cracked it!

From day one we were committed to doing things the right way – we therefore sought to become part of a testing programme which ensured that our product was free of WADA banned substance (which means it’s clean up to Olympic Drug Testing standards) and we worked hard to become the first company to be awarded with the Informed Sport accreditation which was followed by Informed Choice.

We continue to gauge feedback from our customers – who encouraged us to look at different delivery formats which provide the ultimate in convenience – the Orbana sachet was born in Dec 2010. We’ve attracted a group of brand ambassadors who we call “Orbanistas” who get what we achieve and are happy to evangelists about the product. This has enabled us to build a business based on referral and word of mouth which in turn has lead to some notable successes including supplying premiership football and rugby teams (including a national side!) and a number of elite British Athletes.

We intend to compliment our healthy energy product with a supporting product range and are looking to enter new sales channels and new markets to fulfil the demand for great tasting, sustained release energy products. We have a small committed team who believe in helping our consumers to improve their energy and performance levels by using the correct type of energy.

We look forward to sharing our product and our journey with you.